Better Choice Garden Hose
ü Made of two layers vinyl of the highest quality
ü Reinforced with polyester layer of durability
ü Highly resistant to high temperature water
ü Metal Connections
 Product Description:
Length and Diameter: The length of the Better Choice Garden is typically ½ inch -75 inches. The diameter of a hose affects its water flow rate, with common sizes being ½ inch

Material: The inner tube is usually made of rubber, vinyl, or a combination of both. The outer layer, is typically made of nylon or polyester to provide strength and protection against wear and tear. It is highly resistant to high temperature water. Double side metal connections

Hose Fittings: The ends of a garden hose often have fittings that allow for easy connection to faucets, sprinklers, or other watering tools. Common fittings include threaded connectors, quick-connect couplings, and twist nozzles.
Care and Maintenance: To prolong the life of a garden hose, it is important to properly care for and maintain it. This includes draining the hose after each use, storing it out of direct sunlight, and protecting it from extreme temperatures that can cause damage. Regular inspections for leaks, kinks, or signs of wear are also recommended.